About RusPO *:

Our company's operations were started in 1990 with the implementation of small private orders. Then there were some interesting works on mathematical modeling (predicting the growth of timber in artificial plantations) to the Cathedra of Forestry, Institute of Technology, as well as developing training programs for the department of foreign languages of the same university. In parallel, under the commercial designation INTELsoft, we created one of the first collections of programs for the popular at that time computers ZX-Spectrum. Now we use name RusPO meaning Rush Programming Office because our team consists of talented engineers and programmers developing software solutions rapidly and effectively. (Also ruspo was a name of old european gold coin and our former logo was based on this.)

Specialized Products

Currently, in addition to the application programming on demand, the company is developing a product line of specialized software for different sectors of activity.

One of our first program "Сheckered" was created to automate the workplace (AWP) of Manager and Operator of a taxi (see products for details). The number of other interesting projects is in the working stage now.

Free versions

We are sympathetic to the ideas of free and open software, so we plan to release full-featured commercial versions of programs, and lightweight free versions together.

We respect both our and other people's copyright, so we use only licensed and free tools in our work..

Worldwide available products

Our plan is to make our products available worldwide, so new software will include a "localizator" - special utility that allows the distributor or end user to convert easily the whole RusPO program having Localizator interface to any local dialect, using English as the base for it.