RusPO Relay  DEMO version  limitations.


DEMO-version is designed to familiarize you with the basic functionality and with the interface of the program.
DEMO-version is free of charge and requires no registration.
DEMO-version works, basically, as well as fully featured, but it has the following limitations:
- The period of use is limited to 21 days;
- Every 4 hours of work communication is interrupted (you can re-connect manually via the menu);
- Every 4 hours  ads broadcast  mode  is deactivated (you can restore it manually through the settings menu);
- The names of some files have differences;
- Some options are not available in the program (for example, you can not edit a table of valid serial numbers for the connection.

Please note that the demo version is usually updated later than the paid versions of the program, and it may not contain features that are present in the paid versions. You can learn about new features from manual on the official site.

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