RusPO Relay: Solution for connecting radios through the network and manage them remotely (with sound transmission)

You may not always have the opportunity to place dispatchers (operators) in areas where your radio (transceiver) will work optimally. Offices may be located on lower floors of buildings, in areas where radios and antennas have not been located, or in areas with high interference. Hams (radio amateurs) cannot always be near their transceivers at the right time. It is sometimes necessary to position the audio device (intercom, etc.) away from the operator's workspace.

There is a single solution to all of these problems!

You can put the people where they are most comfortable, and the radio (audio device) where it will work properly. Then, using RusPO Relay as a flexible, versatile, and dependable solution for radio professionals and hobbyists, you can connect them via a computer network.

Beginning with version 1.10, the software allows you to broadcast promotional information or sound clips on a regular basis. This feature can also be used to play media through a speakerphone or other audio device. It may also be useful for transceivers to serve as radio beacons or to broadcast a call sign on a regular schedule (if it is permitted by local law). If the channel is busy, the intellectual system hears it and avoids transmitting (polite mode).

The program has low system and network resource requirements; it has even been tested on GPRS/EDGE and dial-up modem connections. A subsystem in the program monitors the quality of connections and restores them after they are broken.
We use an innovative method of audio compression to keep internet traffic consumption to a bare minimum.

For convenience and versatility, we offer a range of options for connecting the audio device or radio to the computer. The device can, at the very least, only be connected to the Mic (Line in) and Speaker (Line out) audio subsystem terminals, and it can switch modes RX/TX (receiving and transmission) using voice activation (VOX).

How to use

To obtain all network capabilities, you must have at least two copies of the program installed on two different computers. The device (radio) can be linked to either a "server" or a "client" computer. Some specific goals, such as ad transmission, require only one program copy and one PC. If obtaining a real IP address for "server" mode is not possible, please contact our technical support -- there is a "remote repeater" solution for affordable fee.

OS: Windows XP or above

Language: english, spanish, Localizable

Price (1 license):

100 USD

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The program allows you (via the Internet, virtual or local area network):

pc-pc-radio connection
  • to control a remote audio device, transceiver, walkie-talkie, etc.
  • to listen to broadcasting and to transmit a voice
  • radio-pc-pc-radio connection
  • to connect two audio devices (e.g. transceivers) located in different places through a network, so they work as a repeater. Thus, two groups of users in different locations may be coordinated
  • to establish a direct and permanent audio channel between two points (computers).

Less common areas of application of this software:

  1. to control and communicate a transceiver that is connected directly to the operator's computer (for convenience)
  2. pc-radio connection
  3. to private voice communications over a network in a mode of "point to point"
  4. pc-pc connection
  5. to listen to remote areas, rooms
  6. pc-pc with microphone connection
  7. to control audio devices such as intercoms, etc.
  8. pc-pc with intercom connection

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