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RusPO software solutions are:


The program determines current IP address of the default network adapter, as well as addresses and some characteristics of other connected adapters. If the option of tracking is enabled, it beeps when IP addresses are changing. It has a small event log. The program is useful when you are configuring network programs.

Interface: Win

Language: English

License: FreeWare

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RusPO Relay

Flexible, versatile and reliable solution for remote control of different analog audio devices like transceivers, radios, intercoms, etc. and for connecting them through networks. Also it allows you to establish direct and permanent audio channel between two points (computers).

Reliable transmission of sound in bad networks. Original ways of devices connecting . Possibility of long unattended work. For professional communication and radio amateurs (hams).

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This special utility allows the distributor or user to convert the whole RusPO program (which has Localizator interface based on English) into any local dialect easily.

Using of this utility means translation of separate words and phrases that make up the user interface elements, grouped in the table. Further, the generated file is written to replace the base file, and that's all - after restarting, you can see menu and other interface elements translated into the local language.

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